logo and bussiness card Bluewind – 2007-07-27

Logo and bussiness card for Bluewind agency.


poster for the band BSD – 2009-11-19

It's not easy to recognize all the words on concerts of __X__ band. On the poster you can find all the words. As you cannot hear them clearly on concerts, you cannot read them clearly on this poster as well. The poster become the booklet for the concert then.



CD cover, Na hraní – 2005-02-25

CD cover of the debut album Na hraní [For playing] of the 3/5 lady band called Budoár staré dámy [Brno, Czech rep.]
Members of the band had a dream to have their CD cover "for playing" as well. There are three magnets inside the CD box, which influence themselves with detachment force. Whole booklet is full of needles, pins, buttons and all those things needed by old lady (The name of the band is "The budoir of an old lady" in translation). We used them for composing pictures inside the booklet. Magnets also indirectly "influences" those steel things, so they are "polarized" to the side of the box with magnets...

CD_na hraní1

CD_na hraní2

icons of electron devices – 2006-11-25

Delong instruments comp. asked us with their imagine, to bring new icons on monitors of their users of electron devices. You can see icons of four types of devices: LVEM, SEM, EBWM and medical devices.


info-card for faculty of architecture – 2008-08-12

Information card faculty of architecture in Brno for foreign universities.
you can download it in pdf