By filling out this form you will tell us your initial requests, which will be more detailed by phone or e-mail later.
According to this information, we will be able to suggest a term of commitment and prepare a price calculation. Please don't forget your e-mail address so that we can send it to you.
1\ Number of pictures exterior
industrial design
other typep
2\ Termination date
Please, fill in the latest date, in which you need your visualizations to be done. This is only informative, the exact date will be settled down according to our capability.
3\ Output format
1280 x 1024 px - proper for web presentation or data-projection
2480 x 1754 px - proper universally for most outputs (print at A3 incl.)
3508 x 2480 px - proper for DTP prints (magazine, book) at A4/300 DPI
 x other resolution [pixels]
  note: Format could be different according to the chosen aspect ratio
4\ Style of visualization
obrysová outline (contours and shadows without textures)
  • ideal for shape concepts, competitions
obrysová barevná outline - coloured (contours, shadows, colours)
  • ideal for urbanism, schemes, concepts, competitions
  • different functions can be coloured differently
zjednodušená simplified (shadows, materials, without staffage and surrounding)
  • ideal for verification of material solution, competitions, presentations
  • focused on the designed object, the background is abstract or white
realistická realistic (shadows, materials, staffage, surrounding)
  • ideal for exacting customers, competitions
  • high level of detail
  • context - surrounding (needed to be set)
zákres do fotografie photo-montage (adjusting photo, staffage)
  • ideal for exacting customers, competitions
  • high predicative ability, context - surrounding
kolážová collage (shadows, materials, photos, staffage)
  • ideal for exacting customers, competitions
  • less detailed abstraction
  • creative art, mood
specifická specific
  • above unlisted style
  • we can design a specific style for the needs of your unique presentation
animace animation
  • virtual viewing of your design with dynamic cuts, music and voice comment
  • very effective style for your presentation (able to be placed on web or for data-projection)
5\ Creative procedure
open - You will be working at your design during creation of visualization, process will include changes to your design, e.g. material variants, etc. The range of changes will be specified.
terminated - We will create visualization according to your finished plans without any changes.
6\ Own 3D model
you do not have any 3D model (we will create it)
own 3D model done in 3DS MAX/VIZ
own 3D model done in another program
7\ Source materials We need all of this information to be able to satisfy all of your requests. Please send us the following digital source materials. Since we can accept only one file, please compress your data into one file (zip, rar), the limit for this file is 8MB. If you need to send a larger file, we'll offer you space on our server.
  • construction documentation - DWG files (plans, sections, views, sketches..) Please also draw into your ground plan the angle and position of cameras. (example)
  • scanned sketches (for digitization)
  • photo (for background, photo-montage, or just to see the surroundings)
  • used materials (description, links to web pages, photos, RAL palette, etc.)
  • other documentation
8\ Delivery
by downloading from our server (fast, ecological and economic way)
on CD-ROM or DVD via mail
9\ Notes Please don't hesitate to give us any other details or information.
10\ Contact
company or name & surname
contact person, who will be responsible for handling information that we do not find in your documentation
contact e-mail address

Based on information from this form and according to later specified details we'll prepare a pricing-draft of contract. After agreement we'll send you an advance invoice for a relative price. Before sending finished visualizations, we'll send you an accounting invoice with an agreed price.

As a part of every job we can have a consultation about the previews before final rendering process. For example after the creation of the 3D model you'll obtain a preview frame without materials, where you will draw in every visible kind of material or texture, check camera position(s) and basic composition of picture. The next preview for you will include materials and will be the last check before final rendering. Once we employ your remarks we'll make the final rendering and post-production process on the picture. Final rendering and post-production are unique operations, so if you'll need to change something before, it is necessary to repeat them. Please keep this in mind to avoid a delivery delay and increased price. Once we sign the contract, you'll get access to our client site, where we can easily communicate and you'll always be up-to-date. Thank you.